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  1. If Obsidian cannot get the Planescape license for whatever reason, an alternative may be a little-known RPG setting called Oathbound, which bears a remarkable resemblance to Planescape but has its own dynamic. I'm not sure if the company that published it, Bastion Press, is still in business, but if they are I'm sure they'd be thrilled to work on a real video game for it. More info here: http://www.geeknative.com/396/oathbound/
  2. I've got two normal suggestions and one strange one: 1. Another Planescape game; not a sequel but once again pitting the player against the weird multiverse, and a return to Sigil, of course. 2. A cyberpunk game based on Neuromancer or Stand on Zanzibar/The Shockwave Rider. There are so few cyberpunk CRPGs it's a crying shame considering the richness of the literature. 3. Explore the zaniest tabletop RPG ever created: RIFTS! Frankly it'd be a challenge but an awesome one at that. This is a setting that has everything and the kitchen sink thrown in: Mecha, Dragons, Wizards, Aliens,
  3. Anna, flick your tail again.

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