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  1. I already wrote about the importance of the setting but there were so many good posts about actual gameplay irritations on current games that I thought I'd list some of my wishes also: - No black&white moral systems (more witcher, less pretty much everything else). There's more to making a game for adults than adding gore... - Choices should have an impact on the world, which is why I don't like most sand-box games as they usually just ignore this. I prefer heavily scripted if that script wipes a town off a map because of my actions. - It's totally fine that a choice I made prevents
  2. I really like all the great posts asking for more of an unusual setting for the game. I'd also like you to create a world that publishers would normally say no to. In movies creating Avatar is much more expensive than shooting a movie in a real world building that is already there. Games have such an unique advantage in that everything the player sees is something that the developers built from nothing. There should be little difference in creating an unique world and creating a world that imitates ours. This makes a great platform that is only limited by the developer's imagination. I d
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