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  1. I would pay for a turn base medieval game that works in the theatrical map like medieval 2 total war and in the battle map like mount and blade warband. That would be the ultimate medieval game ever made. The political strategically complexness of the total war series and the adrenaline pure battles of warband. It will also allow coop campaign and other players can take control of any unit on the battlefield during another player s battle so no one gets bored. Fighting would earn experience points that would give players special abilities to the type of unit they control. Also I would pay for a RTS game that lets you customize your technologies (like warzone 2100) and lets you chose how to build your units and structures according to your strategy. You would be able to bring those units and structures to battle with friends, either vs or coop. That would be the best RTS because since you can create your own units from the technologies that the game gives you (or better lets you research them), there wouldn
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