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  1. Registered just to be able to post in this! There's already been enough talk by the looks of it (if 17 pages are anything to judge by), so I'll try to keep my own thoughts brief. Firstly, I think this is a stellar idea - and a big nod to your fans, it reminds me of the way game developers used to conduct business back in the beginning of the century. Direct contact with the playerbase, as opposed to dry, corporate walls of text. While one of my dreams has always been to see a Planescape 2, Baldur's Gate III or, heck, NwN 3...I have to say, I fully realise they are quite unrealistic. Those games are in the past and I think that's where they should be left, let's have something new and different. I'm not going to comment on the IP, I think that's for Obsidian to decide for themselves, but as long as it's something in-house, they don't risk problems with rights, publishers and setting restrictions. What I think many people here can agree on, is that the game should be a tip of the hat to all those games that made up the late 90's and early 2000. Back to the roots, as it were, I fully believe that's the way to go about it. I have to say something though, seeing that a lot of posters are saying "make it something ground-breaking, pushing the envelope, etc, etc" - that's not likely to happen. Whatever sum of money we gather from this project, it will definitely not be nowhere near what a full-fledged company can provide in terms of financial backing. So let's keep it simple, yeah? I'm quite keen on the idea of a 2d isometric, tactical turn-based RPG. I think it is a very solid decision - not only does it have that nostalgia factor many of us desire, but it also cuts back on production costs a lot. By all means, I'm no professional, but if you don't have to spend time and money on all those graphical fluff games seem to fall for nowadays, a game with deep storyline and interesting mechanics is quite possible. Even with limited funds. I don't how how popular this will be, but I also say - do away with most of the voice acting. Let's see the return of the good ol' richly detailed text, as opposed to pointless one-liners. If this is a fan-funded project, then don't go down the route of corporate interests - with their flashy trailers, PR bombardment, "amazing" graphics and little to no gameplay. Keep it simple, so the complexity can be allowed to surface. (I realise that sentence makes no sense) So to sum it up, definitely going to support this. And as long we get a worthy spiritual successor of those old school RPG's I'll be happy and consider this a historical moment for RPG fans as a whole.
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