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  1. I'm just curious, who exactly owns the rights to the Planescape IP (I did a quick search but the whole story seems nebulous)? Is it Wizard of the Coast? And would it be possible to get the rights from them? Anyways, I'd just like to know if a game in the Planescape universe is something '' potentially doable'' legally speaking. But, like many of us said, if that whole IP thing doesn't work out, a spiritual sequel would be the next best thing (not to mention Obsidian would have created their own IP).
  2. Please make another rpg on the Planescape Torment universe. The settings, the characters, the themes, everything is so engaging and creative. Isometric view with crisp graphics would be ideal imho (not everything has to ''change'' look at Diablo 3), yet it could also be fully 3D. *Note: A full remake or remaster of the first game would also work.
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