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  1. I would love to see Obsidian do a kickstart project with THQ and Games Workshop to bring us a KOTOR 2 style game based around Warhammer 40K. More specifically the Inquisition - it's a massively rich setting past the tabletop game and the characters write themselves. Inquisitor protaganist, Xenos allies (Eldar ofc, and a Kroot for laughs) Techpriest, grizzled imperial guard veteran, token Space Marine (Deathwatch), Vindicare Assassin, Calidus Assassin etc. Give it a Mass Effect/Amalar style combat system and put Obsidian's truly stellar story team on a grimdark 40k plot (Please not 'OMG Orks but Chaos are behind the whole thing - cos that one is getting old.) There's so much untapped CRPG potential in the setting and no other developer can come close to doing it justice like Obsidian could (There's got to be some 40k fans amongst you lot!) THQ seems a bit down on their luck atm and this could be just the thing to get a game started that has the potential to be the best game Obsidian have ever made (and that's saying quite a lot!)
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