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  1. First i want to excuse me for my bad english. I hope you all are understanding what im writing. Introducing Power A Open World Action-RPG that is placed in a city like new york. You are playing a normal person (male or female/mid 20) who is discovering his/her new superpowers. Of course you are not the only Human who are discovering these powers, but your Ability should be stronger because you the Hero of the story. Maybe the power to copy powers of others or the power that your hero can create and develope his own powers based on his will. (skilltree) Story What would you do if you get superpowers? I think try to get an explanation on this or find other humans with powers. Gameplay During the story other Peoples with Abilitys should join your party. It should be an action game, but you can pause the game and command your companions. Decisions with consequences. Superheroes are very popular. Thor, captain America, The Avengers and Batman. I always wished a game with an world like in GTA 4 combined with Obsidian/Bioware Gameplay and Superpowers.
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