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  1. The game crashed It would be graet if you'd sent [crash report] to the developer of the game Don't know where I should send it to. So I attached it here 2018-04-29_221336.zip
  2. [sorry for my English] Only Obsidian still can create true RPG (Bioware? Bethesda? Are you kidding?), so I'll deposit money surely! I already have all their games and I really love these games! Of course, I want to see something really big and thorough like sequel Planescape, Arcanum, NwN2 (more like Mask of Betrayer), Alpha Protocol, or something in LotR-world (but not in Third Age, more like closed 'White Council') or even full version of KotOR2 (without cutting of script). But I can not even imagine how many cost license on these titles or 'worlds' and how many costs production of s
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