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  1. As long as Chris Avellone and the other writers at Obsidian get to tell an awesome story through a game that is on par with Planescape: Torment and Mask of the Betrayer without having publishers or franchise holders demanding creative control or rushing the product for some target release window, I will chip in and I will play it, whatever it is. However I do have some ideas that I would love to see considered for whatever game comes out of this. Ideally I would like to see it be some sort of 2D top down open world party based RPG, and as follows are some of my ideas for such a game. - Setting wise I prefer Fantasy for open-world games, as it is much easier to get the sense of exploration that you should from a society with limited means of travel as opposed to Space games where you have a space ship and yet cannot go about the galaxy landing on and exploring any area of any planet like you think you should given the setting, and its understandable why not, development time. Fantasy settings are much easier to let you feel like you are exploring somewhere new and aren't being boxed in by restrictions. However I would prefer something Not Tolkienesque. Stuff like Arcanum(minus the standard fantasy races), Asheron's Call, Planescape, but fully of Obsidian's creation. - Classless character system. Something with a variety of skills or skill trees to purchase or invest in and able to mix and match to make the character you want. - Large open world to explore. The bigger the better, preferably with some degree of randomness to improve replayability and sense of exploration. Multiple continents, with control of a naval vessel(bonus points for naval combat being included) to sail between them and search for and explore small uncharted islands found throughout the worlds oceans. Think stuff like Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas combined with The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker but on a much larger scale. This is primarily why I would prefer a top-down 2D game, as without having to worry as much about the Z axis, two things occur, development time speeds up, and randomly generated areas appear more believable through more easily implementable algorithms for them, just look at how bad the random environments were in Hellgate: London, 3D gameplay and Randomness are hard to pull off right. - Randomly generated loot. I love loot. I can't get enough of loot crawls like Diablo and Titan Quest, and my favorite MMO was Asheron's Call where quest items were not the best items in the game, but the rare hard to find randomly generated stuff was highly sought after. But you don't typically see loot systems like these in strong story-based RPGs, and I am not sure why. - New Game +. Some form of way to continue after completing the main story with all your levels and loot intact, so you can continue leveling and searching for better loot, either through continued exploration of the open world, or resetting the main story and side quests and bumping up the difficulty. - More dialogue options. No self-limiting 'Dialogue Wheel' cutting down to the number of responses you have to someone. Throw in as many condition-locked dialogue options as you can that appear or not appear based on different factors including but not limited to having a particularly high stat, a particularly low stat, or having different skills/perks/feats or anything of that sort. - Time Travel! Nothing potentially plothole inducing like you see in movies and TV shows like Terminator and Heroes, but limited short-length time control, combining mechanics seen in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Time control during combat would simply let you rewind to change tactics when things go wrong. However the more complicated side of Time control would be like Majora's Mask. Some story factor(s) would limit the length of the game to an arbitrary number of in-game days(such as the 72 hours in MM) that depending on your actions could either be lengthened(Or shortened if you totally screw the pooch). NPCs and side quests would be on a schedule that stays the same each time you start over at Day 1(barring any triggered events from your actions during your current timeline). Basically just like Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. I've always liked the concept, but have wanted to see it done in a game with actually interesting characters and side quests. This could even change dialogue options, talking to someone and getting information out of them could open up new dialogue options the next time you reset the timeline and talk to them again, with your character knowing things that NPC has not told them. At the very least it could be used to humorously mess with characters heads, but a more interesting example could involve tortuing information out of someone, going back in time to talk to that NPC again and lieing about where you got that information in order to get some sort of new response out of the NPC, such as say, implying to a member of some organization that their organization has a leak, to make them paranoid and end up doing something new oustide of their normal routine. I feel like there could be lots of possiblities with this concept.
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