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  1. I've not read one person who has said that. I have read a lot of other good responses as to why it would be a horrible idea.
  2. I'm sure you'd love donating 25 million dollars to that cause. Throw on top of that a frugal 15 million dollar marketing campaign and I'd say we'd have a very believable kickstarter campaign.
  3. I can think of half a dozen AAA-rpg's that do just that. To whom? I can't even tell who's trolling anymore. But I think this is one that had me going for a few paragraphs. *sigh* Back in my day, trolling used to mean something.
  4. I wouldn't be opposed to a more linear story. Think of DA:O. While it claims 'non-linearity' due to the patented "intro quest, conflict, go do one of 4 larger quests in any order, conclusion', it's quite linear feeling. But not only does it end up feeling linear, it ends up being bad.The whole 'do these 4 quests in any order) thing ruins a sense of progression as each of those quests has to be scaled towards a wide range of levels. Not only that, having such disparate quests that take place within the larger arc of the main quest (think DA:O, the darkspawn 'threat' is looming as your trot arou
  5. ...were you on the Interplay forums for Baldur's Gate before BG2's release? anyhow, why do people find the graphics in Torment to be bad? The graphics aren't dated at all. Go look at Coaxmetal, FoR, or well...any scene in the game. They hold up well to games today. If an indie developer produced something as atmospheric as The Smoldering Corpse Bar, they'd be hailed as a gaming savior.
  6. Well first off... To everyone saying "remake Torment"...leave. Just leave. There is absolutely no need to remake Torment with 'better graphics' as better graphics would do nothing to improve the game. There is absolutely no need to remake Torment with 'better gameplay' as the gameplay was superb (I'm assuming the people saying this are conflating combat with gameplay, which is just silly). The game was almost perfect the way it was. To everyone saying 'Torment 2', 'Kotor 3', 'BG3' etc. Think about it. The point for the whole kickstarter thing is to have Obsidian maintain 100% autonomy
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