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  1. Whatever you do just make a good game with a great story and we'll make sure to buy it.
  2. Just to start with this, the reason you don't see more posts is because it takes forever for your moderators to approve new accounts, while I own most of your games I don't actually bother with forums. Now that that is out of the way I would love a PS:T spiritual successor, dragon age: origins was a great call back to baldurs gate but it never quite got there, the production values are too large to properly shape a world. However, a isometric rpg (or anything else really) with sylized graphics would leave much more room for a fully fleshed out story with memorable characters, what I really want is a great story where MY character does things because they make sense to HIM or go towards the overarching goal AND NOT killing 10 boars for money if that can be helped.
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