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  1. Having read a bit more and understood that there is little to no chance of doing a Planescape game or any other sequel without going into the same problems you are hoping to avoid via kickstarter, I'd like to just note the bare crux of the matter, what most people agree is what we want. An oldschool, isometric, story-heavy, well written RPG, if possible with a proven-to-work combat system (whether from a p&p RPG, or wherever else you can find one.) I think we can agree on this, no? And frankly the details are better left to, y'know, people that do this for a living.
  2. There are just so many incredible isometric D&D setting RPGs you could make. Sure, Planescape is on top of my list, as that is one that Obsidian did so very very well before, but Dark Sun, Eberron, heck even Shadowrun for all the people who want Sci-Fi would be so good. I am just posting to show my support, mention that I would love for it to be a isometric old-school style, party-based RPG, other than that I don't really mind anything, you can do it right, hoping so hard that this happens! Definitely willing to throw some of my money in.
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