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  1. Hi, I made an account just to say this to you since you asked for my idea: I'm not going to give you an absurd list of demands, or ask you to make a game you can't afford to like many people here are asking. Most people don't seem to get that with a 1 million dollar fund from a kickstart project that things like... 3D beyond a few choice models would be out of budget, and trying to get a hold of an old IP like planescape would cost a fortune in of itself. So, I'll leave the game up to you. However, if you are reading this, I would like you dare you to push gaming into a direction that isn't seen too often. You could be given a rare opportunity to make a game without a publisher looking over your shoulder, so... I would dare you, as a lesbian myself, to make a game with a gay/lesbian protagonist. Don't particularly care what the game is about or how its made, but my invitation to you is to push a concept that a publisher would fire down in the first meeting. If Obsidian really is the RPG company that has the mature writing, treats its players like adults, and all these repeated lines I'm reading in this comment's section, then I put forth that you actually use this opportunity to push the boundaries of what a game's story is. Would a lot of people be against a gay protagonist? Yes. Yes they would. But, I think if you wrote it in a mature, adult way with respect towards the character and even the culture as an added bonus, you could have something special. Developers like Bioware and so on have played with this concept, but its always been optional and usually intended solely for the drool factor. I would even dare you to go so far as to make, say, a Muslim protagonist. How many can you name off on your hand right now? Didn't think so. My point basically in this; don't just make a sequel, or revive an old property, or, heck, even give fans what they may want; use this opportunity to push the gaming medium and gaming writing further than a publisher would allow. That is my suggestion, and my challenge to you Avellone.
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