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  1. Well this is going in the right direction. Perhaps we should stop this discussion, as my points bring all the misogynists to the yard. *EDIT* Oooooh wait, I just noticed it's Volourn. No suprise there then, I guess.
  2. I'm from Belgium, I'm 100% certain people are quite a lot more liberal about alcohol and sexuality in continental Europe than is the mean in the USA. But, counterintuively (maybe), that means we're also on the mean quite a lot more responsible and even-headed about it. It's not about opression, it's about being decent human beings.
  3. You don't 'have fun' with people sexually harassing your employees and/or co-workers, even if it's only with the 'less stupid' segment. Even ignoring it is not acceptable. As an employer you have the responsability of speaking out against, or coming down on, people who display that behaviour towards your employees. As far as I know none of the Obsidian employees did anything to warrant being treated that way. I'm sure the females on that staff would've liked to have been complimented on their skills, succes and 'cool' just as the male employees were, but instead they were met with a barrage o
  4. I logged into that stream for five minutes. I read IRC messages galore of pathetic adolescents throwing unwarranted sexually inappropriate comments towards all female Obsidian employees (visible, of course, for everybody in that room and all the 1450+ people logged on to the stream), with practically no-one speaking out against that, I saw a bunch of people sitting around on couches and not doing much and I saw people downing shots of (presumably) hard liquor (accompagnied by shouts of encouragment by the rest of the staff) in front of small children. It was one of the most depressing thin
  5. Some people should also be more considerate of people who are colorblind. Red letters on a dark-grey background are absolutely unreadable to me, for example...
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