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  1. I think 'dumb dialogue' is a bit of an exception to all this. It's almost like an easter-egg, in my view, at least. The point still stands that I feel that everyone should have equal opportunity to explore the story to its fullest, regardless of whether they are into trap-disarming or skull-bashing. And I feel a way to do this while also keeping player choice in how their character is in dialogue, is to have it develop organically - so the themes that emerge from which dialogue options you pick begin to limit and expand what options you are presented with in the future. (i.e. a Bethsoft ap
  2. Hi all, This kind of ties in with update 7 but I wanted to post it seperately. One thing that really frustrtates me with PS:T is the fact that, to get the most dialogue choice and most depth from the story, you have to put all your points in charisma, wisdom and intelligence. Effectively making you a mage. If you develop your character in another way, you miss out on dialogue and 'story experience'. Even if Obsidian seperate combat and non-combat abilities - effectively making it so you can develop a character based on strength and still have the same resources to develop the equiv
  3. I want a game that has the literary/thought-provoking ambitions of PS:T, in a world that is at least as interesting as PS:T's - and when I say 'interesting', that could include contemporary times, just something that's fascinating and well thought out. Beyond that, I'm happy to give MCA and crew free-reign. In PS:T, I found the combat boring and often would cheat to raise wisdom, intelligence and charisma to max levels just so i could get the dialogue and choices - so I can't cast a vote behind using those gameplay mechanics again. But the world, characters, story and quality of writing made i
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