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  1. Ideas are cheap, so here is mine. Story synopsis: You are a psychic detective working in a city that spans the entire planet. You begin the game working for the city's elite by dealing with the criminals and impoverished citizens of the lower city strata. Soon however, you find that a prominent government official has been killed there, and the trail of evidence leads straight to the top of the government's hierarchy which turns out to be the puppet government for an alien civilization that thrives on the misery of other species. You follow the alien's tendrils across the galaxy finding other civilizations oppressed by the alien empire. You decide to spearhead an underground network across all the different worlds to fight the alien menace. This culminates in a large battle on your homeworld. You might even have to destroy a doomsday weapon or two. Finally you discover a transporter to the alien's capital where you must track down and engage in psychic warfare with the alien leader. Before you kill him, he tells you that you are an experimental alien sleeper agent designed to harvest a planet's psychic energy. You then have the option to obliterate every alien's mind in the alien capital with your psychic gifts, or rule the alien empire. Features could include: -A few mind bending sections/puzzles (there should be at least be one section similar to M.C. Escher's Relativity, and one section where you have to talk to multiple facets of your persona) -Improve your abilities using a regiment of psychotropic drugs (severe perception penalties if you balance the drugs poorly.) -Be able to assume weak minded sentient beings minds. (There should be at least one section where you have to assume control and act out as an invertebrate prostitute.) -Read the minds of npcs to discover flashbacks. (You could discover that Calayso, your lovable human cyborg companion, is actually responsible for killing your old partner five years ago.) -A destination to a tropical rainforest (those are always nice.) -A civilization with architecture based off of fungi (those are nice as well.) -Have combat as an option, but try to create a system where persuasion and psychic manipulation are the primary means of handling mooks. Anyway, that is what I'd like to see in a future Obsidian game, but you guys usually do well on your own. However, your next game definitely needs to break the mold concerning prostitutes. Fisto was great, but I really want to see a mind-reading asexual cnidarian harlot plying her trade in a glass jar. Perhaps you could also bring around the jar in your character
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