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  1. The game seems to always default back to the controller every few seconds and hijacks the interface and interrupts my keyboard/mouse input. It's very annoying. Is there a way to disable the controller support for the game? I have my XBox controlled always plugged into my PC. It is difficult to unplug, just for this game, because it's wired through a case mod. Having a way to disable the controller, even by editing an settings file would be helpful.
  2. I would love any game that had the gameplay style of Planescape: Torment. I loved the story, great party members, and the game mechanics. The way you can pause the game to plan out your moves, customize your own stats and party's items, and the way the story branches out feels like you are in charge of making The Nameless One your own character. I played that game many times over the years and I always discover some new story or branch that I had never noticed before. I wish more games played like the old style RPGs. I would glady contribe to the Kickstarter for any project you guys would start.
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