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  1. In fact, I won't bother talking to the people in the thread, I'll just say this one last time, and to Obsidian: Please don't play up to the PC Master Race. I mean, for the love of all that's good, just don't. Please? If you do that, you're cutting out most of the people who would put money down on this. You're cutting out other platforms, you're cutting out people who don't want to spend 60 hours learning needlessly obfuscated game mechanics, you're cutting out disabled people, and most importantly - you're cutting out what you're good at. I'm asking you to do what you're good at.
  2. I will say again that there are a number of problems with Infinity engine games. I just want to get this out there as often as possible. 1.) Licenses are expensive. If you want to use 90% of their funding up in one go, with next to no money left over for the actual game, then yes, let's get them to make a Planescape sequel. Really, what they want is an obscure license that's not related to videogames, or for an original IP. 2.) Isometric games might be a nerd aphrodisiac, but they also cut out a lot of people. For example, if Obsidian wanted to move to platforms other than the PC (such
  3. Actually, no! I was pretty much told that I was banned by Alec Meer because I pressed his buttons. How did I do this? I was getting annoyed at him and his pets for their "console toys" and "PC Master Race" attitudes. Apparently, by holding the position that the PC is not a platform for some Master Race, and that this is as offensive as it is arrogant, I got banned. It's humiliating for Meer to be picked up on this, and I was one of the few to actually criticise him and his fans for it. That's what I was banned for. For actually not being holier-than-thou. Go figure. I tend to find that
  4. You have a very interesting point of view here. Please name at least 9 PC rpgs using a steampunk setting. Arcanum, Septerra Core... What else? I see what you did there. You baiter and switcher, you. No, I said it was a commonly used setting, I didn't say on the PC. And really, you should know as well as I do that there have been a bunch of MMOs that have featured this setting, not to mention console games, cartoons, and so on. And it was overused back in the '90s. I have a long memory, see. But then again, so does the world. Back in the '90s settings like that were stretched to ex
  5. Why are walls of text good? I don't understand this. If you actually understand your medium, then walls of text are bad. It would be sort of like saying: Okay, here's [an/a] [obscure/popular] film of [your favourite] genre. The only catch is that you have to stop and read 50 cinema screens worth of text every once in a while. Gaming is an interactive medium, and as such, it should be that: interactive. Walls of text aren't interactive. And moreover, quantity is bad when weighed against quality. As I've said many times before - if quantity of text mattered more than quality, then we cou
  6. I feel that steampunk as a setting is vastly overused, and that's why it's not been seen recently. It reached a peak with Arcanum, and things can only go downhill from there. I don't want to see Obsidian become part of that decline. Now dieselpunk on the other hand... Dieselpunk allows you to do some very unusual things, and some particularly fun pastiches.
  7. To say what I already said again: Quality > Quantity. If quantity was more important than quality, and if having a book's worht of dialogue in a game was more important than having a small amount of good dialogue, then we could take the content of the Twilight series, dump that into a Twilight RPG, and ti would automatically make it the best RPG ever. Quality is more important than quantity. Doing dialogue right and having important, non illusory choices is far, far more important than having a lot of dialogue.
  8. Then report me for it. It really was detrimental to the thread and I think it makes you ten times more of a jerk for telling me that I can't speak my mind. Believe me, I've put up with discrimination that would leave you foetal, and thus perhaps I'm less thin skinned. But this is a chance for Obsidian to do something brilliant, something outside the box, and something less creatively bankrupt than sequel to game I like. I mean, some of the requests don't even make sense. Some of them I swear are trolling. Dungeon Keeper III for example. Really?! I thought the whole point of a project l
  9. @Ardent Everything you said? I agree with it. All of it. You can have some sort of prize for that. Anyway, the only part I'm not so comfortable with is the lack of voiced dialogue. I'm old, my eyes are ****, and voiced dialogue means that I don't have to go blind through eyestrain reading lots of dialogue. If they choose to not bother with voiced-dialogue, then I hope they'll go the New Vegas route and only bother with dialogue that is actually good, rather than dialogue which is long winded. Having a book of dialogue does not a great game make, because if it did then w
  10. Nnnnno... No you don't. In fact, what you've described would cost far, far, far more to make than a simple four hour game on the Unity/Gamebryo engine, in 3D (with abstract/cartoony graphics), based on a brand new IP (or a lesser known IP which could be cheaply bought). So... can I stress this? It's so incredibly costly to license something famous/well known that it's outside of the scope of what they'd be able to do. That means no Plumscope 2, no Magery 4, no Penultimate Fantasia XIII's, and so on. If Obsidian come forth and tell us that they think they could afford it, th
  11. :| Sega owns Alpha Protocol, don't they? Thus Obsidian can't make a sequel unless it's at Sega's behest. So... no, then. Unless they can convince Sega to do a follow-up, which is unlikely. But they could do that anyway. If they're going to go to a publisher, then they can do that for any game. This project, I thought, was about being free of publisher shackles. Much like the Double Fine one is. --- @Oerwinde I've said this tens of times. It falls upon deaf ears. Sigh. People, eh?
  12. Okay, I has more to say. I've spent some time thinking today and one thing I realised was how much I loved "Old World Blues." Now, if you've been following my posts, you'll realise that the last thing I'm going to ask for is anything Fallout IP related, or related to any IP. But it made me realise just how amazingly good Obsidian still is at 'intelligently funny.' There are too many games that take themselves seriously these days, almost to the point of... well, if they were people, they'd be brooding, emo drama queens. "LET ME TELL YOU OF MY PAIN!" Would it be so wrong to have the odd
  13. A thing I have learned from this thread: The majority of people have no creative vision whatsoever. Obsidian could do something really interesting and all you can think of is either a sequel to an ancient game that wasn't actually all that great anyway, or an isometric RPG with such obfuscated mechanics that no one would be able to or want to play it? This has honestly gotten to the point where I can't tell if many people are being serious or just being hipsters. If we gave them the creative freedom, they could do something really amazing. I want to see them change the game, I want a p
  14. Oh, and more... I'd like to see Obsidian concentrate on a world this time, on a unique IP, and something strange. The co-op idea is nice, too, where anyone can make choices and that can screw things up for the party unless you have someone with the correct talents to make things right. But nothing overly ambitious, just something that can be completed in 2-4 hours, 4 tops. But something that has lots of replayability due to the choices on offer, and due to how alien the world is actually having players miss out on stuff because they simply didn't understand how A or B worked the first
  15. @CahiersDuViday Not only that but I'm not sure that Planescape: Torment would actually be so great by today's standards. And some can HERESY! all they want at that, but rose-tinted glasses shouldn't play any part in a discussion like this. Obsidian should make something new, not republish something ancient (GoG does that).
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