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  1. I very nearly wet myself when reading the Obsidian was considering a Kickstarter campaign. This is amazing, mostly because it allows us to bring back game genres that aren't rehashes of rehashed FPS's and half-baked WOW clones. Obviously Chris, seeing the team that you've got here at Obsidian, a cRPG is the only way to go, just as Tim Schafer needs to make an adventure game. My Psychonauts 2 - so to speak is Van Buren, obviously there are licensing problems - I am very nearly brought to tears when thinking about the cancelation, and that glorious tech demo. That's still the real Fallout 3 if you ask me. Please, please, please finish that game - Call it something else, change what needs to be changed. But that old school, isometric RPG style - with a focus on story and dialog, before the actual combat, is exactly what we need. That's something that's died out - Devs today seem afraid that if they go 5 min without throwing the entire Bulgarian army at the player, they'd somehow loose interest and go play something else. That really isn't the case Be sure to cater to your demographic, now I'm not saying that you wouldn't get 11 year old CoD die-hards to play, but your core demographic will relish the Blues Brothers references, the recurring jokes and the fact that the game world is soaked in pop culture. To this day, a play though of FO2 is hugely enjoyable for this very reason. It doesn't sink to the cater to the lowest common denominator. I am obvious a huge advocate of a post-apocolyptic setting, mainly because I never bought the setting in Planescape, partly because of the D&D rules and partly because of the art design, but fantasy never really floats my boat. That being said, I loved Alpha Protocol (With patches) - and no matter what you guys decide to do, I have faith. Keep it old school, isometric - Hell, doesn't matter if it's 2D sprites that has it's charm to. Keep the humor, understated - but there. Make sure that we feel at home in the universe, remember who it is that would be funding and buying the game. And above all, make sure it's a labor of love - Some of the best games ever were developed at Black Isle, with the team now assembled at Obsidian - we'd all support whatever you guys want to make, you've more then proven yourself. There are tones of people out there that are old enough to have grown up with your games and are now begging for a little taste of that old school magic again. Make it happen Chris!
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