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  1. Registering specifically to reply to this. Oh my. What I'd love to see is something like Torment and Neverwinter Nights 2's Mask of the Betrayer expansion. Not a direct sequel to either mind you. I'd think the licensing for D&D let alone the Planescape settings is too much of a hassle (Though I'd love to get a crpg based on D&D 4.0's ruleset at some point). But something in the same vain as far as themes and story go. I'd want a new rpg with as much priority given to its narrative as those games, with as unique a setting, moral choices more complex than simple good/evil, unique characters and situations and a dose of healthy humor. Basically: just do what you do best. : ) With Obsidian games I care more about narrative, characters and setting than combat or graphics. So you can make it in the old infinity or aurora engine for all I care. Eh, whatever comes of this, if anything at all, you've got my support. Monetary and in spirit. Like the Tim Schafer Double Fine thing, Obsidian is the kind of studio, and Chris Avellone the kind of name, I'd throw my money at without a second thought.
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