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  1. When I saw the kickstarter posted by Double Fine, I immediately began pondering what this might mean for the severely underserved party-based, turn-based RPG genre. I know that it doesn't have huge publisher appeal, but I know that people are desperate for a followup of the likes of Storm of Zehir and Temple of Elemental Evil. Similar to another property running a kickstarter currently, Order of the Stick, it would be nice if we could get something as deep as the D&D universe while skirting around the licensing issue that occurs by invoking it. But seriously, the depth of Storm of Zehir combined with ToEE combat would make my decade. I really feel like SoZ made the right balance between depth and streamlined interface...certainly around the dialogue and overworld skill checks. The only thing I wished was for it to go into Epic levels. Speaking of which, I'd love to see an RPG that scales from low level characters to epic. And if it isn't clear, I would absolutely contribute to a Kickstarter for Obsidian, but per an earlier poster, would love it to be more detailed. Things I love in a CRPG: *Skills, skills and more skills. But make them useful, and have them change the way the game is played. *Enchantable weapons and armor *metamagic *party based, including complete control over party individuals *turn based *deep dialogue that takes skills into account - really just the SoZ system would have me very pleased. And finally, crowdsource the sucker once released so you can focus on expanding the game, adding content, but also have the knowledge that the bugs are going to be crushed. I know that pubs are really the offenders when games are released, because they don't want to pay for developers to bug fix games that aren't necessarily selling like hotcakes, but look at ToEE's community so long after release. If they could have had access to hammer out the bugs initially, while the dev team worked on adding content, we would have the ultimate CRPG of the last decade. CRPGs are massively complex things, and we understand that there will be bugs...but we will struggle through them if the game is good enough and shows enough potential...It's totally worth it. Thank you and good luck with your kickstarter. If you look at the success of the DF and Oots drive, I think you could find great success. I know my friends and I would contribute, if it means another excellent CRPG that meets our standards, not some suits!
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