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  1. Well, i think you do all the games genres mentioned so far really well, and of course, without being a fanboy too much, I'm happy to play anytghing made by you guys. So instead of offering another "I want a sci fi/turn base/isometric/planescape/reboots etc etc etc" suggestion, I am going to throw you a curve ball. Oh but before we go on, if you do Dr Who, the following considerations need to be taken into account: 1. It MUST be MMO 2. If it fails, or you screw it up, or if anyone on the dev team doesn't watch, understand and love the doctor, you must give the public the right to execute you, in real life, no respawning. ok here's my concept. Spiders. There just isn't enough good spider themed games these days. The last one I recall was a platformer way back in the Xbox sans 360 days. It was....ok.... But here's a game I'd like to see: -RTS, strategy builder, with a combat side to it, form a spider point of view. - Set in a randomly generated 3D environment based ona backyard, tool shed or jungle, or even a window in an office block - any where spiders live. - You build (like in MC,) a web. it's not only your shelter, it's how harvest resources. - You start out tiny, eating your mother. Then, as you build your own web and catch proteins or bugs or whatever resources are considered appropriate, you level up. -When you level up, you shed your skin, and get bigger. - The webs can/must be beautiful, with enough open-endedness to allow players to get super ceative. - Fighting and mating are the same basic idea. You must use fangs for fighting, with big, front leg displays. For mating you avoid the fangs and use your "sperm pads" if you play a male, or attempt to eat the male if your female. - you can play the main achievement campaign or just snad box it and build awesome webs. - DLC content could include different spider species, alien world spiders, robot nano spiders with lasers. ok so I know this idea will sink like a lead weight, but I have been thinking about how cool a spider builder game would be. And I just wanted to get the idea out there!
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