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  1. Idea 1: Turn-based robot RPG in which the player is a "AI Master Program" implanted in some lowly maintenance robot. Throughout the game, you can have your AI core extracted from one robot body into another, more advanced one, with each body being fully customizable and upgradeable. Every major situation or combat encounter can be tackled in different ways depending on what body you're installed in, be it some robo-puppy, a 12' military-grade juggernaut, or an android love-bot. Object of the main quest: cross the galaxy, kill the baddy/deliver the package/attain self-awareness?. Overall motif of the game world: depressed, fractured, but increasingly eccentric humanity that has almost forgotten how to build or even maintain its technology. As a robot, you're either worshiped or hunted down for your parts. Many pop-cultural references to robots of movies, literature, etc.
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