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  1. Strong, complex, playable female characters are critical. No one dimensional good guys or bad guys - the game must have flawed, interesting and well-intentioned characters in different stripes of grey. No false choices. No options like "give the begger a coin" (good) or "kill her" (bad). The game should be imbued with a strong sense of nuance and complexity. Real-world consequences - taking food from people's houses, robbing bodies - things that would make you look like a **** in the real world should piss people off in the game. Invent a new mechanism for in-game trading that isn't reliant on making your character a glorified scrap-armor and scrap-weapon merchant. A mature RPG made for adults - this is a kickstarter campaign, after all. Don't go with the lowest-common-denominator marketing guff aimed at teenage boys, you need to go with something that wouldn't make its way through the marketing department of a major publishing house... otherwise, why bother? Again, this is a kickstarter campaign - take a risk and push the boundaries. Pitch an idea that's not yet proven to be commercially successful, and therefore that would be hard to sell to a hard-nosed bean counter. Avoid multiplayer gimmics like the plague.
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