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  1. I think one of the best parts of all of this, if you all do decide to take the plunge, is that Obsidian will finally get to make an RPG and own the IP. I've never been in the gaming industry but even I realize how special that is. So, with that said, I just ask you make something worth revisiting.
  2. I think what most people would like to see is a pure turn-based rpg but I'd personally like to see Obsidian take it a bit further and use an underrepresented setting in the rpg genre. Works like Moon, Alien, Battle Angel Alita, Planetes, Shadowrun, Blade Runner are among my favorite so I'm suggesting you make: A turn-based RPG set in a Hard-scifi or cyberpunk future with lots and lots of dialogue. (A definite way to get through the game without any combat is a must)
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