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  1. "I'm not going to go anywhere near the argument of who is responsible for Fallout's greatness, except to say that Scott Campbell never gets the credit he deserves in all these arguments. He wrote alot of the original story and came up with alot of the characters and places as well." - Leonard Boyarsky So, that's who R. Scott Campbell is in a nutshell, and why you should care. Nearly two years ago, I realized how little is known about his involvement, and how he tends to be forgotten among Tim Cain, Chris Taylor, and Leonard Boyarsky. Thus I decided get his view on things, and asked him a few innocent questions. However, Scott got carried away, and eventually sent me back a humongous 25 page long article chronicling his whole time at Interplay. A lot of it is about Fallout, but it also includes general stories about the industry, as well as the struggles he endured in order to work in it. It's an interesting read all around, so get right to it. The first two parts, out of three, are available at No Mutants Allowed: Part I at http://www.nma-fallo...le.php?id=60785 Part II at http://www.nma-fallo...le.php?id=60788
  2. Loads of demo screenshots and comments here.
  3. Feedback on the Combat Demo here. There's also a nice collection of posts at RPG Watch, the demo seems to be due in about 2 months.
  4. Indeed, somehow I read and wrote that as 8/8. Sorry.
  5. A bit of info about DoubleBear's game here. There will be a bigger announcement on 8/5, apparently. But certainly Brian wasn't a contractor. But if it is his volition to form his own company and do some hardcore games, he's certainly welcome. Btw how's that ex-Troika team making "Dropship" doing? I heard they use Source engine and turn-based combat. I want that. It's still in development. Laidback Gaming have updated their website with a new splash-screen some months ago. There's also a Dropship cinematic done in UE3 at Applied Cinematics' website, McCarthy worked there last year and, if you look closely, the spaceship is the same one McCarthy had shown to the Codex.
  6. DoubleBear Productions, an indie dev studio formed by Brian Mitsoda and Annie Carlson (both should ring a bell around here) joins ITS to develop "a turn-based RPG that emphasizes survival and escape as civilization begins to decay". There are also some new portraits, link some posts above.
  7. New portraits here. Also, Vince showed a situation where the player gets cornered in an inn room by the Imperial Guard: link
  8. Even more by now. Also, the thread where Oscar explains what he does got updated with Part 3: Interior Levels.
  9. It's there just to show what degree of non-linearity we can expect. It'd be beyond silly to spoil the whole game at this point.
  10. Nope, there will also be a boxed edition. From here:
  11. Wow, I didn't know this was so far off. It's not. If the lead programmer hadn't been so occupied with his studies for the last few months, we would probably be playing it today.
  12. Apparently they've found an artist to do NPC potraits, here are two of them: Rest of them as well as some early interface redesigns are here.
  13. In Vince's words: BTW. There's a vote on the introductions. If you think they are unnecessary for some reason, go voice your opinion.
  14. It isn't. The combat demo should be out sometime soon, though. It's been delayed, the programmer was occupied with his dissertation, but it's all back on track now.
  15. That C&C thread is far from the only example of quest design, so I wouldn't be so quick to assume AoD will get a "Fargoth's Gold" treatment. Since I'm so nice, I did a quick search for further reading for those interested: Let's Play AoD thread - users vote on PC's progress Some of it has also been neatly formatted for RPGWatch: Part One Part Two Part Three Merchant Loremaster Journey Through Zamedi & Unofficial Age of Decadence Gallery
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