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  1. I have played DS3 with all 4 different characters and at different difficulty levels. I think it is a really great game but the difficulty of beating Rajani has almost ruined my pleasure from the game. Only once have got past Rajani and this is not acceptabler!! One other person that I know had the same problem and in shear frustiration did consign his game disc to his dustbin! Also it would appear that the only character with any chance of beating Rajani is Anjali this makes playing the game an exercise in FRUSTRATION!! Maybe I will try once more but I doubt it. Keldarxx
  2. I have the satchels of powder but when I try to use them I get a message saying that it is not safe to unload the powder! The only thing that I can think of is that the area is not secure? There is one area that I get shot at by a cannon but I cannot seem to access that position to eliminate the enemy. Any help would be welcome. Thanks...keldarxx
  3. I have played as Lucas ( from the start) at least 5 times. I think that this is a great game but I am feeling rather frustrated at being unable to get past the fight with Rajani. I have tried builds for lucas which I have made myself and also used the builds for Lucas which have been reccommended in the strategy guide. It may be worth adding that up to this point I have completed all side quests available. Any help or advice would be very welcome. Thanks Keldarxx.
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