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  1. wow thanks a lot for the welcome!!! ehy Alexia you are half-italian from Sicily? Wow...your italian is...strange ... about NwN especially il love the Role Playing and hate the POWERPLAYING!!! here in italy we call powerplayer "Powah!" or "Sborone" Sborone= Guy that shows all of his great powers talking non on role but off role... about the psions...its powerplaying yeah...but is D&D Ehy you are all great! i already love this place!!! Thanks to alllll
  2. ok thank for the welcome guyz, i hope to learn more english here crazy joe.... ehy seraphael here in italy we say "Benvenuto nel forum"...ehy...you are from norway...omg...norway...are you a fan of the Black Metal? ok ok it is off topic...
  3. Ciao a tutti! Hello to all! I found this site while searching informations on Neverwinter in the web...im a ehm "veteran" of Neverwinter Nights and now im so excited when i think Neverwinter 2 in my hands in 2006...uh...(ehy...im italian...sorry for the poor english) ok ok that's all folks... and...implement the psionic arts in Neverwinter Nights 2!!! and if his in Forgotten Realms: Faerun why don't introduce all monsters of the Monster Compendium, spells from Magic of Faerun, Lords of Darkness etc? Please fill more prestige classes, like Red Wizard of Thay...ill love them...uh ok stop to bore the people here...and...ciao a tutti!
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