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  1. I see...well I am afraid I can't help you much then, yes, I am playing on PC and have almost no experience with PS3, I think you should try some PS3 forums, I guess the problem could be very similar, though i don't know anything about settings there...sorry...
  2. Hi Ragnaira. Could you explain how do I put the date and time format to English (UK)? How would the English date format (UK)? yyyy / mm / dd or mm / dd / yyyy or mm / dd / yyyy I install the DLC after setting the date and time format? Or, it works if I first install the DLC and then set the date and time format? I really appreciate your attention and I want to congratulate you for discovering the problem. Well the problem is, when you don't have English Windows, or you have but your destination is set somewhere else - hence the time format is set to suit your country. I had everything downloaded form Steam, so the DLC included and changed the date format, I don't think it makes any difference which step you do first. For the changing, I can tell you for Win 7, though i should be similar on other Wins too. Start -> Control Panel -> Clock, Language, and Region -> Region and Language -> inside the first tab (Formats) on the Region and Language window there is a "Format:" drop-down menu -> and set your format to English (UK). that worked for me, according to Steam forums for other ppl as well.
  3. well, found the solution finally, the problem is in the time/date format, has to be set to English (UK) to make DLC working....
  4. yeah, I wanted to check Steam forums as well, in fact, it was the only thing which popped up from google making any sense...but Steam seems to be completely frozen after that hackers attack on their forums, waiting for answer from support for 4 days already...:/
  5. Hi, I have the game and DLC purchased via Steam, when before the DLC game ran well, but after purchasing the DLC I can't even start it - it crashes after the Obsidian Entertainment intro... I've tried things like reinstalling the game, even the steam itself. Then I've tried to remove the DLC folder and then I was able to start the game, so I guess the problem is somewhere in DLC files, unfortunately not even verifying game files cache doesn't help - it always says one file is corrupted and needs to be reaquired - then downloads a file of size 1.1kb...and the game is still unplayable. Anyone experienced such a problem? Or have any idea how to solve it? I've written also on Steam support, but it takes them ages to react...
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