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  1. Alpha Protocol failed partly due to the game being rushed, so A LOT of bugs didn't get fixed. I managed to be lucky and didn't run into any of the bugs on my system. The story was amazing as it gave you re playability, I've done several play throughs and each one has ended differently. The best part of AP is that it contained a concept no other RPG has seemed to stress, is that in the real world not everything is black and white, there is some grey areas. Instead of the typical good vs. evil there is the decision you make and the consequence you face afterwards. I believe if they made a sequel it would be extremely successful if they took the time to polish it and make sure it was good on release. Hell Duke Nukem fans waited almost 2 centuries to get their game, we can wait a few to get AP2 in near perfect/bugless condition. Obsidian has had a record of ruining titles on their first run but picking back up after they keep at it (Kotor 2 was good and bad for example). I remember starting a post in BioWare forums about AP and the majority of BioWare fanatics including some of the moderators on the forums agreed that a sequel would be successful if the game was more polished and worked out. This is coming from a forum of a competitor in the RPG industry. AP has potential and until someone decides to use it's potential properly, it's a gold mine that's just collecting dust. P.S.: If you can spread this around on as many gaming sites as you can/put it in your sig or do whatever it takes to get the word out. AP 2 Petition Ya a lot of petitions do nothing but it doesn't hurt to try
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