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  1. Is there a way to disable rumble support and invert the X-Axis for the gamepad on the PC version? I cannot find them. But I was able to find the invert Y-Axis option. I have found the 360 controller to be better suited to this game than a keyboard and mouse setup but I always play with inverted camera controls and cannot use gamepads with rumble. Also, does anyone know if it is possible to disable the depth of field effects without losing the other shader quality options? I like the lighting effects but dislike the texture blurring of DOF. Especially when it is something I am trying to shoot!
  2. Is everyone still getting no multisampling AA? I am using 560ti SLI 1920x1080 on Windows 7 64bit. Tried XP compatibility mode and running on single GPU, nothing. Thought maybe it excluded higher resolutions so tried 1280x768, nothing.
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