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  1. Out of curiosity, has there been any update on this issue? I've heard nothing back in the past three weeks.
  2. hah, no worries about IE mod. It doesn't appear to have done anything, and I've got no use for it anyway if your boys can fix the issue. Thanks for the help, btw. Top Notch customer service.
  3. I don't remember what happened when I didn't get The Man Who Waits. I would have reloaded a save had anything noticeably wonky occurred. I did try to install the IE mod after realizing that I couldn't progress in an attempt to find a way back to the right state, but no such luck, the mod didn't appear to do anything (I may not have installed it correctly)
  4. Nah, I wish. It'd been something like 20-40 hours of gameplay since I visited there anyhow.
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q1ijeq3lj4mtmmx/AAB28OunaD1H6w_azpbJ4LhTa?dl=0 Thanks for the help. Game is awesome, btw.
  6. Looking for a workaround for the main quest being broken. Apparently waaaay back when I first visited the sanitarium, I somehow broke the main quest line (I suspect by going into the sanitarium basement and then leaving before advancing the quest). Now I have no version of The Man Who Waits available, completed or otherwise, in my quest log. Hermit of Hadret House is still listed as incomplete. Game save file has been attached.
  7. I purchased dungeon siege 3 over the weekend on the strength of New Vegas, and am looking forward to playing. Unfortunately, currently the game crashes very quickly after I start each new game. As soon as the character loads into the world after the intro dialogue, I'll try to move, and the camera begins to change angles on the main character from front to back rapidly. This is so bad as to make the game unplayable, and if I attempt to go into a menu by hitting esc, the game hangs, and I'm forced to end the task via Task Manager. I've tried cranking all the settings as far down as they will go, but it didn't appear to help at all. I did some research and noticed a few others experiencing a similar issue, but was unable to find any suggested fixes. I'd welcome any advice you can give, thanks! If it helps any, I'm running Windows 7. Intel Core2 Quad Q8300 @2.50GHz, 6g ram, DirectX 11. ATI Radion HD 4500, driver version 8.872.0.0, dated 7/7/11 EDIT: And of course as soon as I posted I realized that I should check for a new video driver. I did check, and updated my drivers to 8.892.0.0, dated 9/8/11. This has not helped the problem at all, unfortunately. Thanks!
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