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  1. I like JRPG's. FFX is one of my favourite games. I enjoyed the Xenosaga games as well. Most JRPG's have pretty good (though usually mellodramatic and soemtimes outright goofy) stories.


    But like a few other said, they seem to be more of an interactive movie/story than a game, sometimes, but I don't mind that, though I could see why it would aggravate people who want to be playing the whole time.

  2. Those were aspect of JE and PST I hated to tell the truth.


    I want my character to be able to use any weapon and any armor that he has training with and can get training to use any armor or weapon if he so chooses.

    Radiata Stories for the PS2 - you can use a one-handed sword, two-handed sword, an axe, or a spear, with diff learnable skills for each weapon. Plus armour all has it's own distinct look.


    Unfortunately, it's an action RPG, and I'm pretty sure you don't like those. But honestly, I had a lot of fun with that game. There's like over 100 different people you can have join you (though none of them really have any personality), and there's a split in the main story that changes the game dramatically (you choose which side to fight for).

  3. Awesome, thanks. My prob is by the time I shut down his shield thing (you know, where you got to kill the guys that turn into control panels right on the EXACT spot, and then the laser beam starts) I have no health and no more healing items. So I figure a few more levels and I might have better results.

  4. Am I the only one on the site who plays hockey?

    Nope, I think at least me, Hurlshot and Kor Qel Droma plays in real life too.

    I play hockey as well, though these days, not as much as I used to. I've played for approx 20 years, since I was about 6-7. But I'm Canadian, so no suprise there, eh!

  5. Poor Adam. :(


    Must suck to be finally coming into your own in the big leagues only to have things cut short due to injury.

    I was at the game in Vancouver when Jovo KO'd Deadmarsh in a scrap...brutal fight. Yeah, it's too bad because he definitely could have continued to be a solid player if not for the concussion problems.

  6. From what I've heard/read, EA is more about presentation (graphics, animations, etc) and an arcade-like feel while 2K6 is focussed more on realism (puck-cycling, dump-and-chase strategy) and simulation in the franchise mode.


    That's not to say EA's game isn't realistic, I think it's just a bit more concerned with flash than 2K6. So I guess it's more a preference thing.


    Me? I'm waiting for Eastide Hockey Simulator from SI Games. :cool:

  7. Anson Carter to Vancouver for 1 year, 1 million.


    Not a bad signing, he could be a good fit with the Sedins. He has a bit of a rep for being lazy though...not to mention he supposedly has an NBA attitude. The Canuck dressing room is pretty tight though, so hopefully they can keep him in check.

  8. I'm sad to see Brad May go to the Avs.  He was a gritty role player for the 'Nucks.

    I'm definately going to miss him, and I think his teammates are as well. He was a really popluar guy in the dressing room.


    Unfortunately, May got no respect from that HACK Crawford...many nights May was forced to step up and fight guys waayy out of his weight class because Crawford refused to dress any toughness, despite the public pleas from guys like Naslund and Linden that the team was too soft. And to make matters worse, May was usually rewarded for his bravery by being a healthy scratch the next game.

  9. WOOHOO!


    The local radio station has reported that Naslund has/will re-signed with the Canucks. They'll probably announce it tomorrow. No terms or anything released yet.


    Guess we're out of the Neidermeyer race, but that's OK.

  10. Philly signs Hatcher, Therien, and Rathje!




    Man, that is going to be one big, nasty blueline.




    I've heard rumors that Forsberg is trying to coordinate a package deal with him and Naslund.


    Same goes with Scott Neidermeyer with his brother Rob.  I guess they feel they won't get the money, so they might as well play with players they want to play with.

    I'm pretty sure Rob is still signed with the Ducks, so they only way they could play together is if Scott signs in Anaheim.


    As for Naslund...people here (Vancouver) are starting to panic; Naslund is a crucial part of this team, and the captain to boot. But more and more the local sports stations are reporting he may choose to go elsewhere. It would devastate the team and the city, IMO.

  11. And, oh, most Canucks at the time were pro Mess. Only Linden fanboys would support Linden's temper tantrum. I like Linden myself as he's a solid player but if a team has to choose between him and Mess as captain it's a very easy choice.

    This city was PUMPED when Messier first signed here. I mean people thought he was the second coming...all the negative feelings for Messier started when Linden was traded and the stories started coming out about Linden and Messier's relationship. Of course the Canucks' dismal record didn't help matters either.


    Linden is loved like a son here so yeah, you're right there are people who will hate Messier (and especially Keenan) for trading Linden...even though the Linden trade got the Canucks Bertuzzi. I persoanlly think Linden was a bit of a baby back then as well...story is he used to get upset because Keenan yelled at him in front of his teammates in the dressing room, and Messier wouldn't stick up for him.

  12. Wasn't Mike Keenan your coach at the time for that as well?  I can't see him helping any.  And the way Edmonton plays some nights, they need someone to shove boots in their asses. 

    Yup he sure was.


    Actually, though Keenan gets a lot (and I mean A LOT) of flack here, I actually think he was crucial for the Canucks development into an elite team. He got rid of a lot of "dead wood" (ie Gelinas, Maclean) and was responsible for getting Bertuzzi. I think the team needed somebody to gut it, and who better than Iron Mike!?


    And the old Messier doesn't divide a dressing room as much as the younger one did.  I remember there were rumblings that the Rangers wanted to be more of Eric Lindros' team in 03/04.  It's true that Messier has a tendency to weed out players that are floaters, but the only players in Edmonton that would really have to worry would be Ales Hemsky and big number 27.

    Yeah, it's hard to say what stories here are true and what is gossip. I know a few guys like Odjick were quite vocal about their dislike of Messier...supposedly Linden wasn't too fond of him either. But then you have guys like Naslund who credit Messier for their success...

  13. 'd like Messier just for nostaliga sake personally.  He'd still find a way to contribute, particularly as a leader on the team IMO.  He'd get fans in the seats that's for sure (me anyways :shifty:).

    I think it would be cool is Messier ended his career in Edmonton....BUT, I worry a little bit on how his presence would affect the team. He is a great leader they say, but his presence can also be a bit disruptive; his stint here in Vancouver was a disaster. I'm not sure how much blame I'd actually put on Messier for what happened here, but some of the stories you hear really portray Messier as a cancer rather than a leader...who knows though.

  14. Goodenow's main fault was he overestimated the players' resolve. Supposedly he told them it would take a minimum of a season-and-a-half before the owners started to waiver...unfortunately for Bob the players didn't have that long of a fight in them, even though they told him initially they did. I think if the players had told him they would accept a cap/linkage last year Bob would have gotten it done.


    Though maybe he can be faulted for not realizing soon enough that the league was in some trouble, and changes needed to be made, but that's more a personal opinion.

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