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  1. When Diablo 3 finally hits the streets, I can finally die a happy person feeling contented and whole. I will finally have that itch scratched that started almost a decade ago for me. My mouth has been watering for Diablo 3 like when you think about eating that juicy steak. Unfortunately DS3 doesn't even come close to filling one of the characters shoes in Diablo 3, not even one. I wish it would have, as that might have scratched my itch a bit, but heck, I'd even say that Torchlight was a more enjoyable game to me than DS3 was, and I'm sure Torchlight II will also be a more enjoyable
  2. What only happens a few times in the game? My character will be running along one of the paths in the game and then the path turns left, and so I guide my character to go left, the camera is now looking at my characters side instead of being behind him where I think many people believe it should be (I know I believe that's where the camera should be), but this is not something that only happens a frew times in the game, so I'm guessing that you are speaking of something else entirely. The constant necessity to have to manipulate the camera every few moments is becoming a game breaker t
  3. Hi, Am I doing something wrong... Do I really have to click for every single swing of my characters sword? Is there no option to allow me to simply hold down the left mouse button and have him continuously swing his sword in the direction he is pointing? Thanks
  4. It's been a week since I asked this question... Does that mean there is no way to keep the camera following my character instead of to the side, or in front or where ever it decides to place itself?
  5. Hi, Is there a way to make the camera stay behind my character? It's very disorienting to me when my character is walking towards me or anyplace where the camera is not behind him. Thanks
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