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  1. i followed AP1 since the announcement and that was years before the release. i bought it the day it came out and saw no reviews about it. I loved it and there weren't any glitches that I saw. The only real gripes was the, way the missions were laid out, (i liked it but it felt like something was missing (like you should've been able to explore it open world style (kinda like Deus Ex Human Revolution, and certain missions would be in specific locations). more variety in weapons, (m4a1, mp5 ect) cover system (which isn't that bad once you learn the issues), the crouching waddle looks ridiculous, the graphics could've been better esp with unreal (vegas2 was better than AP) and the reticule I hated. Besides that I enjoyed the story, the RPG elements are some of the best. I love the game and im actually playing yet another playthrough right now. I think Obsidian learned their lesson and if they get rid of Sega as a publisher (which was primarily the reason why so much was changed from the original ideas) and worked with lets say Square Enix (like dungeon siege 3) they would put out an amazing product. Even if they just do another spy/agent rpg, with either different classes or maybe different agencies (fbi, cia, special ops) and depending on the agency is how you go about a mission. it would be hub based (but the hub would be like your agencies building, and you could get in a car and leave) and there would be like 3 or 4 cities. I mean if they can make a huge sandbox game like Just Cause 2 they could do something like that. anyway I'd preorder right away
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