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  1. My humblest thanks. The Prima Guide overlooks this (in fact, ignores it altogether) and seems to play it only as Lucas. Glad it's *not* a Tech bug, then... Will be looking for him soon, then. Thanks again.
  2. I did try to search for this under "Lucas", but that yielded far too many results. To the point, I selected to start the game as Reinhart and now I cannot find where to add Lucas to the party. I am at the point in Stonebridge where I would already have met Reinhart and the Guidebook (Prima Strategy Guide) implied that Lucas would show up in Reinhart's stead if Reinhart was chosen to start with. This does not seem to be the case... Is this a case where the game expects you to start as Lucas and if you don't you lose him (thereby not getting the Deed for "We are Legion", to boot) altogether? Please help.
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