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  1. OK! My Eyefinity problem has magically gone away today, 5 days after the initial problem. I had just received a response from Square-Enix support, asking for a copy of my DxDiag.txt file. But before I replied, I launched DS3 one more time & this time the 3-monitor horizontal Eyefinity setup worked! I do not know how this was solved, but I did disable & re-enable the Eyefinity group many times and rebooted the PC many times. I do not believe any new ATI/AMD video driver updates or Windows updates were applied between the start and end of my trouble. I did reply to Square-Enix's support email with my current DxDiag.txt & told them that I now have video on all 3 monitors as expected. I'm sorry that I do not have any knowledge of what actually changed & fixed this.
  2. I am using ATI Eyefinity on 3 monitors. The game displays on only the center monitor. When I launch the game, the 3 monitors fade to black, but then only the center monitor displays the game video. Desktop size is 5760x1080 and Dungeon Siege 3 video size is set to 5760x1080. All drivers are up-to-date. Running on Windows 7-64, Intel Core i7 920, 12GB, ATI Radeon 5970 HD. Left, center, & right monitors are Samsung 2333HD, Samsung 2333HD, & Samsung 2333(no HD). Left is on DVI, center is on the display port, & right is on DVI. All monitors are 1920x1080. I believe I do not have the option of adjusting the bezel under Catalyst Control Center because the monitors are technically not identical (different EDIDs). Game was purchased through Steam and installed on June 26, 2011. Attached is a thumbnail-sized copy of the original screenshot. I was expecting the screenshot to include the 'eyefinity.' If anyone knows any tricks to show video on all 3 monitors, I'm listening.
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