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  1. p.s. I just came across this; a few more pointers for the developers: Alec Meer is a writer for Rock Paper Shotgun, one of the world's best sites for PC gaming news.
  2. I thought I (she, not he) was quite clear during my "constructive criticism" on how to make this game playable. Let me clarify: I said: Meaning: do not ruin a decent game by using anti-climactic end-game battles. I said: Meaning: Stop using that arcaic engine, or at least give us lower camera angles.Allow MP players a longer rope or update your servers. I said: I think this one needs no clarification, lol. I said: Meaning: When I'm facing 12 o'clock and L-click my mouse, I want Katarina to shoot at my chosen direction instead of her pivoting around to 7 o'clock and shoot
  3. How dare you judge and label people?This forum is here for any of us to voice opinions, whether you like it or not. If you disagree with our opinions "...post your opinion" without belittling other posters. If that doesn't work for you, post a topic and call it "The Fan Club." You'll have a cozy little group who'll worship your "well-thought-out" ideas Speak for yourself! Why don't you practice what you preach?
  4. Your advantage is that you have no idea what you missed. Not having played DS1, DS2 and the Broken World, you weren't affected by the citeria that caused my lowered expectations. You are one of the lucky ones. I felt even worse with Witcher II, after having played and loved the Witcher I. The Witcher I is STILL my MOST favorite game. That's why The Witcher II was such a major failure in my eyes. Even more so than DS3. p.s. I meant CW (clockwise) in my previous post.
  5. At the very end of the Hero's Crypt, you first see the statue of the Farmer (my player character). She's the "First" of the Montbarron line, which makes her either the grand mother or the mother of Lucas. Then, you reach The Hall of Heros where there are tombs of my companions line up along the East and West walls. Going CCW from first you enter the Hall, they are: Naidi, Gloern, Rhut, Lord Bolingar, Ulfgrim, Sikra, Merik, Boryev, Phaedriel, Gyorn, Rusk, Lorun, Ulora and Zed. In DS1 and DS2, you could have up to 5 of these as your companions in your party.
  6. I pre-ordered this game simply because it had "Dungeon Siege" in its name. Big mistake! A simple "Special thanks to Chris Taylor" in the credits DOES NOT make a game Dungeon Siege! Occasional reference to DS2 characters DOES NOT make a game Dungeon Siege! Naming certain areas after DS2 only brings back memories but DOES NOT make a game Dungeon Siege! Seing myself, the Farmer Girl, tucked away in a dank dungeon tomb does not make a game Dungeon Siege! We all know what it took to climb up the Zaramot's Horns. Nice marketing trick; or should I say it the way it actually is? FALSE AD
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