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  1. After long research in the internet I found a page describing applications which interfere with Steam. Amongst those is Spybot Search & Destroy. I deactivated the SD process and then I could connect, but ... when I invite my wife she is repeatedly ending up in a completely different game than the one I am hosting. This along with the totally inacceptable Multiplayer mode, the PC controls and the stoneage shared camera view makes me regret my decision to buy the game. Unfortunately this game looks like a piece of software rushed out of the door without much thinking.
  2. Hey, We got the same problem. Can't play multiplayer at all. See also the following thread: http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showtopic=58084
  3. Are either of you behind a router? Yes, we're running the game from behind a router. I checked router settings, firewall settings, turned UPNP off as suggested in some other forum, but no chance. We only had the chance to play once for a couple of hourse. Ever since that first time we can not play If that problem persists I'll claim my money back. I'm not going to pay 80
  4. My wife and me are trying to play DS3 through Steam. I'm starting a new game or loading an existing one, go to Multiplayer choose public or private, click to invite my wife, she gets the invite clicks and after the game has loaded for some time gets the message "connection to the host failed". We get this message repeatedly. Only once it worked ... Any suggestions? We're running Vista with actual service pack installed, firewalls are turned off.
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