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  1. Is there anything I can do about the awful, awful camera angle on the Xbox console? I bought this game yesterday and am gutted. I feel like I am looking at the floor, not ahead and up front. It really does suck big time. The game looks awesome, but is unplayable on this view for me. I cant play whilst screaming at the TV in complete frustration. Can settings be changed? I cant believe they let this game go, with such a camera angle. Ridiculous.


    Troll or no, welcome to the club. You got ripped off. DEAL. WITH. IT. :)

  2. A shame the PC-Console versions are not compatible in this. I can understand why with shooters and the whole mouse & keyboard vs controller issue, but its a non-issue in this type of game. I tried the demo for both PC & 360 and they are identical, other than the control method of course.


    I vaguely remember Microsoft promising never to mix PC and 360 online games (can't cite it though), regardless of the circumstances. You're probably right and in this case the controls don't make that much of a difference.

  3. With all those who are saying it's not a Dungeon Siege game.


    Many DS fans are probably livid. Their reactions are actually a LOT more sedate than I would have thought. This game is something other than the other DS games that have come out. If a hardcore DS fan reviewed this game I'd expect them to give it score no higher than a 4 in relation to how it is with the other games if their bias was included.

    I'm sure both of them are very upset. :thumbsup:


    I played the original games, and they weren’t anything that inspired a whole lot of passion. Other then a tiny bit of steam-punk it was about as generic as it’s possible for an RPG to be.

    I’d have liked a few more of the DS1/2 features in DS3 (party mechanics, pack animals), but other then that I’m not sure there was much else worth salvaging that Obsidian didn’t carry over.


    Frankly, the DS world presented in DS3 has about 100 times the character of the first two games combined.\


    To me this felt like what happened with Dragon Age II. I think what bothers me the most is that all these sequels to great games that I really enjoyed turn out to be substantially different than the name and legacy led to me believe. I think the OP has a point. On its own the game is good but when you associate it with the expectation of its title it really does conjure up false excitement. I don't think I would have bought this game so quickly had I know it wasn't the type of dungeon crawler I've come to expect from the DS series. This isn't because the title isn't good, its just not the kind of game I was looking for. The Fallout comparison is valid as Dungeon Siege is a bit of a cult classic. Only those who wanted a Fallout faithful to its origins really had a problem with the series being hijacked and they were a small crowd. If this were an independent title, or a temporary segue of the series (like Renegade was for Command and Conquer) I don't think there were be too much complaint. Using the name Dungeon Siege III means that, at least for now, hopes of a true successor to the line are dashed. Who knows if Obsidian will reverse course and come out with a Dungeon Siege IV more in line with I and II.



    Now MP is MESSED UP! In a MAJOR WAY.

    I like that the Multiplayer element of this game is tailored for groups of friends who want to experience the game together. This is infinitely preferable to the level mixing ‘random dropping in and out’ model used in other RPGs.

    I agree with the camera complaints.


    Its not an unheard of system for Multiplayer. Magicka does roughly the same thing but handles a shared camera much more gracefully (I think we all agree that the camera is horrendous). I have the same gripe as before I won't go off on a rant here, I just wish multiplayer was the same as the previous two titles. There's also the fact that PC players tend to co-op from different boxes that are of significant geographical distances from each other. DS III seems to assume you'll always be in the same room together playing on the same system (i.e., you can definitely tell the PC version is just an afterthought, a port from console once they got it just the way they wanted). Console has a bigger market, and those players tend to be fairly casual, have families, and want something to share. That's fine, just advertise it as such so I can avoid it (a stick on the box or warning before purchasing in Steam will do nicely, hehe).

  4. I keep lurking in this thread, hoping that a mod will bring us a promise to fix co-op camera issues heh. It's seriously the only thing that my friend and I cannot stand about the game. Everything else is amazing, but a shared, tight, tethered camera with angles from nearly directly above is wretched. Please fix this before I lose my co-op buddy! Even just being able to zoom further out would be a step in the right direction. Separate screens would be soooo much better. I registered just to throw my support behind the vocal demand for a better camera!


    Even though I don't like the tethered multiplayer I would much rather see this fixed before persistent characters are even considered.

  5. The "huge backlash" is what we call in my home country "a storm in a glass of water."


    I want an apology from all the haters for filling the forums with the same **** over and over again. I think we should just create one big "Bitch here" thread which the rest of us can safely ignore.



    Eh, I'm not particularly happy with my purchase, but I'm waiting for patches. They've said they're working on them and we'll see what comes of it. It's very very difficult to pry a refund out of Steam (officially they don't allow it but you can stop payment and have your bank decide, which I have done twice, and won both times). I think a lot of complaints are legitimate, if delivered in a... less than helpful fashion. Its as much of my fault for not reading up on all the news approaching the release because after experiencing the quirky co-op limitations, the broken PC controls, and the shared MP camera issue I discovered they were fairly well documented (MP co-op modes outlined months before I pre-ordered).


    I'd call the general feel around the game partial disgruntlement, not an outrage. My wild speculation from limited browsing of the forums is a fairly even divide down people who drop in here to share their opinions.


    Patches take time, and I have other games. I'm actually really enjoying the Steam ports of Dungeon Siege and Dungeon Siege II while I wait.

  6. Multiplayer.


    I was substantially disappointed when I heard they gimped multiplayer and then tried to shrug it off as a "feature". Why do studios always feel an excessive need to change something fundamental to all the previous titles of a series? If I wanted a different type of multiplayer hack and slash from its predecessors I wouldn't be buying Dungeon Siege III on preorder. The first Dungeon Siege had the best multiplayer world IMHO. Wide expanse of world to explore, distinct maps from singleplayer, and people could drop in so you could continue to convince friends to pick up the game and join your open co-op campaign. Obsidian, at this point, has destroyed that opportunity. I'm having a hell of a time finding any friends who want to even touch the game because of those limitations.


    Frankly, Obsidian needs to take some lessons from dungeon crawler heavyweights like Diablo II. That's the kind of multiplayer I think PC players expect from this title.

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