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  1. Now who is assuming, playing a game constitues as starting it up and playing for any amount of time even 15 seconds. But somehow you all corrilate playing with finishing a game fully. If I play a game for 3 min and equip a piece of armor on my Warrior I have played the game.
  2. I'ts clear you have zero conception on what anything is I'll clear this up for you really quickly, a warrior/fighter in this sense is anyone that can use a two handed sword this is a solid fact throught gaming history as well as real history You also clearly don't have any comprehension between a game mechanic and a class specification/trait is. So I'll clear that up for you really fast too: Armor and items are not game mechanics, A game mechanic would be casting spells, choosing dialog, the fighting moves and things like that. You have now proved by your last few replies that
  3. I gave you about 4 other sources (Between video, history, the wiki, youtube, and about 90 other games that all outright state he is a warrior. And you saying that even though all the other sources all say what a warrior is defined as, as well as what their class type can wear, you're telling everyone else and the entire history throughout existence is nothing more than an assumption. Another thing I wanted to bring up is that by your logic, a rapier is not a sword because it doesn't outright say the word sword right on it, so it's only assumed it's a sword even though throughout histor
  4. So despite lucas being legion, despite he can use two handed swords, despite the fact that all legionairs in histroy that can use two handed swords are warriors, and despite the fact that all warriors in history being able to wear any armor type you're still going to say and try and argue, what is a reality about warriors and what defines them is a mear assumption? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warrior_(character_class) At the bottom it says: Warriors appear in many roleplaying games: and it lists these EverQuest The Elder Scrolls Guild Wars Lineage II MapleStory RuneScape
  5. Yes they do it's called Lucas has been trained with Sword and Shield and two handed swords, Only one class type in any game ever made on the face of this planet can use a two handed sword, and that is a warrior and you know that. The fact that numerous times it says Lucas is trained in sword and shield and two handed swords says right there wher he is. I suggest you go read up on what defines classes in games and realize you clearly do not belong participating in this thread if you don't even know what makes up a warrior class as well as a warrior not having an armor restriction then ry to
  6. Where do I begin and which resource would you like here are a few: First 10 min of Lucas game play this video goes over it in his intro, his background in the game, plus hee is legion and all legion members are warriors.. Perhapse you missed that in the story line. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnDgNfM3zjY Also here are a few other things that state what he is: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/lucas-ch...on-siege/712397 Scroll down to Main characters in this link and under Player characters it explains this as well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dungeon_Siege...ayer_characters
  7. Preventing a warrior/fighter from wearing a piece of armor they are supposed to be able to wear is not abiding by any rule in any game...Armor in all games do not work like that. The fact that you didn't even bother to question, why a normal every day function of all games could not be done in this one, shows what type of gamer you really are. It's not a game mechanic when it totally goes against what a character class is supposed to be able to do never mind without an explanation as to why. I'm seriously starting to wonder about gamers these days...they totally make uop every single
  8. If you don't bother with things like that then you come accross as a terrible gamer. If something is in a game it's there for a reason, and any player that doesn't question things that don't have explanation should maybe take a look at how they play games and realize they are actually missing the full gaming interaction. Maybe it's just me but a piece of breastplate armor is simply to protect ones torso, and it's usually made up of light to medium armor. A fighter can wear light, medium and heavy armor. So the fact that I was not able to equip a piece of armor my character is supposed to
  9. greylord, So far, you're the only person on this entire forum, who actually understood exactly what I am talking about. You hit the nail right on the head about everything I said was wrong. You just phrased what I said in a more understandable fashion. To elaborate on one such thing is the items that another character can use. I don't know about you but in every game I have ever played every single item I have ever picked up, had a class restriction or said something right on it...Only usable by (Insert Class/Level) The fact that these items are just there with no connection, i
  10. This is the exaxct reason why I said take this up with me in voice chat via xfire. Although I highly doubt anyone who mouthed off in this thread would have any gal to talk in voice chat. I myself do not care what people say to or about me, I'm simply tryinig to get some things straight that I have issues with is all so hopefully people will talk in chat to help me get this resloved.
  11. Chasted while I apprieciate the replies you posted with some explanations, you along with everyone else in this thread have still completely and totally missed the point to my video. The stuff I am asking about has still not been answered or explained why. So I have uploaded another video that goes into great detail about the major things that are not explained and need to be. Watch this and then try to say this stuff is self explanatory and or explained: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBev_UahyY0 Oh yeah and another thing i forgot to add... Sure the help topic refer to thing
  12. I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me how it's the players fault for not knowing why there are items that you cannot use and why. again resort to the video because the video shows me having a sword in my inventory that even though I have proficiency enough to use one, it doesn't show up in my list of actually equipable weapons in order for me to be able to equip it. So in short I have an item that I cannot use even though my character can in fact use a sword.
  13. You realize all you did is make a video of "I say so"? That's why I showed the menu's opened up, showed each screen with no instruction on any of them...but yet it's all explained in the game right? So yeah my say so is fact. Where are your facts
  14. He full well knows exactly what i brought up isn't explained. I mean after all you did say everything is explained and left nothing to back that up. Unless people that leave replies like this on forums get specific and provide actual proof of what they say.a response like this is not productive and is so overly used it's pathetic. If everything is explained in the game as you say then you should have no problem going through and actually taking screen shots from in the game that shows all thhis so called text that contains an explanation to all the stuff I just went over and brought up
  15. It doesn't explain how to add the abilities/skills to the circles above your chaaracters portrait, it also doesn't explain if your abilities are passive or do they have to be activated. It doesn't explain anything about why you cannot use certain items that you can already use...such as the case with the long sword I use as an example in that video. I have bought items in a store thinking I could use them and then found out I wasted my money because my chaarcter couldn't use them and there was no reason given why my character couldn't use what I bought what does the camera have to d
  16. So you think bringing up legite issues about the game that so far not one person has answered anything I've asked and can only flame and post useless comments is wasting people's time. it's the usual you don't need it or can't grasp the problem so it must not be legitimate. You know if you people spent more time actually posting actual answers, rather than useless crap, and going out of your way to cause problems, this wouldn't be going on right now and you know it. If I had the authority to delete comments in this thread, there would be only 2-3 replies in this thread. Because you kids on
  17. Devs need to start addding explicit, how to do game play basics...that solves the game play problems and you're clearly too ignorant to realize that because you don't have any comprehension about what a product is supposed to have or not have in it...the basics are in fact supposed to be there, regardles if you disagree with that or need them or not...it's not going to change that you won't ever be right about this.. your perspective is nothing mor than opinion that some people happen to agree with...it is not however fact.... All the people that simply do not get the problems I brought up
  18. Sorry when I press F and enter into the screen I see both portraits but only my inventory and stats open not my companion(S) So there is no wya to know how to access another companion and this is suomething you are in fact supposed to be told how to do. As for the part that made you smile, no offense but you're delusional, no where upon no where, does it ever explain how to do anything I went over in that video...not one thing. And there is still no wya to know how to get more icons into the circles or how to know why you cannot use some items even though you actually are capable of using
  19. Call me what you will, but you full well know that everything I brought up in that video isn't explained, and needs to be. What in the world are you going on about?.....What is clearly shown on the screen...and what screen is it shown on. Care to elaborate? Yeah so, what does that have to do with the current abilites you have no being able to be used or switched? ALL GAME PLAY basics no matter how small are supposed to be spoon fed to you with on screen instructions..I refuse to look up how to switch characters, or why some items cannot be equipped in a manual. That information
  20. The stuff I'm going over in this video is not explained in the game (Which is what the point to the video is). As I explain in this video about how there is supposed to be some form of learning curve, however the learning curve is not simple and easy to follow like a learning curve is supposed to bee... In fact nothing I go over in this video has even explained at all. Here is the video: CLICK HERE FOR THE YOUTUBE VIDEO
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