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  1. Same issue for me as well on Series X, but with the Murder on Eridanos DLC, I had just finished the Gorgon DLC as the new Eridanos DLC dropped and I personally had no issues with the Gorgon DLC, perhaps the bug was introduced with the Eridanos DLC. Oddly though, I have also made it through most of the Eridanos DLC without issue, but am entering what I believe is the final area... crashes on any type of save, auto or otherwise. Playing a Xbox Game Pass version of the game with the purchased Season Pass.
  2. Same here, I bought mine from Gamestop in Downtown Toronto... says the code has been used or is invalid. Irritating to say the least. Others are having the same problem: http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/rpg/dungeon-si...&pid=997430
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