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  1. Rather than complaining on the many different topics, I'm just going to wrap it up into the I want my $50 back post. 1) Controls. We need to be able to change the key bindings and the default should be WASD for movement and mouse for camera angle. I also need more they two viewing angles and i need to be able to zoom out much further 2) Multiplayer is completely broken. a) Sharing the same camera... really... and with such a close zoom. My friends and I played for a couple minutes before we went to the forums in disbelief that this was our only option. b) Individual characters need to progress in multiplayer games. Being a backseat player is someone else's game is pointless. 3) I can't see what equipment I can use before I buy it from the vendor and once I've purchased it I can only sell it back at 5% of the cost... Thanks guys. I fell obligated to tell everyone I know not to buy the game. I played for about 5 minutes and I'm not even going to open it up again until this gets fixed. I love this genre of games and I can't even bring myself to play this. It's a huge FU to all the PC gamers.
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