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  1. I too admit that this minor patch causing the A <--> D switch makes the game very much unplayable! I would like to urge the developers to include in the next patch the ability to change the keybinds ourselves! This is a basic functionality that is present in 99.98% of all dungeon crawler RPGs (with the 0.02% being this game!).
  2. Hehe, solved it myself. It's a steam issue and you can force steam to install from a given disc. More info can be found here
  3. Hello, I recently purchased the limited edition of Dungeon Siege III (physical DVD-ROM disc) and just started installing the game. Clicking the setup installs VB Redist and DirectX access. After that, Steam gets started up where I have to enter the CD-key. However, currently steam is DOWNLOADING the game, whereas I would like to use the files on my physical disc to install the game. Does anyone have any pointers on how to do this? I tried closing down steam and re-run the setup application, but the game will just refuse to install itself through the disc... Any help would be greatly appreciated! -- Threepsie
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