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  1. Tried that. When scrolling right or left it still auto zooms in way too close and you need to manually correct it.
  2. Being a huge Dungeon Siege I & II fan I just had to go through with the registration process to let you know that you guys are doing it all wrong! The graphics are great! Good Job on that! Outstanding, actually. However, two major flaws in the game that I can guarantee will make this game a flop and have all the gaming sites reviewing you with low scores is this: 1) Most Important - Your controls are absolutely horrible. I dont want to constantly have to correct the auto camera angle for every single corner I take. This REALLY handicaps the gameplay 100% It becomes more of a chore than a game after a few minutes. 2) Your hack and slash sound effects are totally weak sounding...When you attack any mob in the game with a sword or a staff it sounds as if the actual *slash noise* of your characters weapon is muffled under either a pillow or underwater. It doesnt make the gamer feel as if he is actually slashing anything..Its not very fulfilling at all. With these two major flaws aside, I could probably get into the actual storyline and game. I am sure if your team were to postpone this a few months and work on these flaws, your game would sell a hundred times better. If you guys dismiss this and push the game out without looking into these flaws...mark my words when I say it will be a flop. Gamers like to read reviews on gaming websites and I am 100% sure all websites will comment on how horrible the controls are. Hope you folks do the right thing.
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