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  1. I played some of the 360 demo this morning and thought it was awesome. After downloading and playing through D&D: Daggerdale, it was nice to play an RPG, even in demo form, that looked good and actually... worked. Daggerdale was horrendous. I can't believe Microsoft even let such an unfinished game on Live. I didn't play much of the demo because I want to experience it all when I get the game in 3 weeks, but what I did play was fun.
  2. I'm new tot his series and while I'm a lifelong RPG player, I'm sort of new to online RPG's and a buddy and I are getting confused with all this online co-op XP talk. I take it from the comments here that you can't have one character that you can take to any online or offline game. What about my buddy and I who pre-ordered the game a while back and plan to ONLY play online with just him and I. Can we play the whole offline campaign online together? If so, if he joins my hosted game, does he retain the loot and xp when we start playing again? Also, if just him and I are playing online together,
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