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  1. yea after learning about this design choices they went with this game im now looking at lotr war in the north as well. got more checking on that to do to make sure they didnt do something funky with that as well. but seeing how they did champions i have a good feeling bout it.
  2. not only that but i have the problem of i was planning on playing with different groups of friends online. now its just like meh whatever, i mean even a mess of a game like the newest dnd game on the 360 arcade did the mp right design wise. guess ima be waiting for d3 still siiiigh.
  3. oooooooook soooooo someone actually did think that was a GOOD idea? wow...... welp see ya guys heres to hoping someone else can make the game this niche group of gamers is looking for. also i work in retail ill be sure to let ppl know about how the game was designed thanks for letting me know.
  4. so i have heard that items and xp are saved only to the host for the online. is this true? am i alone in thinking that this is the worst design choice they could have gone with? there is no incentive to play with friends at that point they might as well made it single player only. why is it a company cant make a good dungeon crawling loot whoring rpg anymore? last good one was champions of norrath, sacred 2 was decent but i dont care for its skill system. if im wrong please tell me cause right now i cant possibly see how anyone in their right mind could think this was a good/better idea. for
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