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  1. Is there any way to change the controls in the full game at all? Keyboard keys 'A' and 'D' change rotate your camera to the left and right. I dont wanna do that. I wanna be able to strafe left and right with them keys. Also I want to use right click on my mouse to roate the camera not the keyboard buttons! Edit: deff not buying this game intill these controls on the PC version get fixed. this game WAS FROM THE PC HOW U GO AND **** UP THE COMMUNITY THAT MADE DS BIG?? Edit 2: To make proof that the controls suck, why would you add auto select in this game for a PC game? As the ranger with the gun, you have a spell that can stun or do more attack damage, if the spell is applied on the enemy WELLL how can I ****ING KILL THAT ENEMY WITH THE CURSE SPELL ON THEM IF THERE IS ****ING AUTO SELECT??? WTFFFF :( I was soo looking forward to this game... I really do like it, when I am playing, but you ****ing got auto select in this game and YOU CANT EDITED THAT CONTROLS!!!! LIKE WTFFFFFF SO MADDDD!!! Im a HUGE dungeon siege player too, its sad what you guys did, and you call this a game? ****. Also what the **** is up with your engine you use with this game? **** you lighting system in this game. I want the ****ing gameplay better then anything!!!!
  2. Guys, I just meation that fallout vegas raged some people, from reading online before, i know alot of people were pissed off about some of the bugs, and i do know a lot of the updates that came out, were to fix a lot of the bugs. ****, how does a company release a game with that many bugs... for real. Why, did they make a typo or something? Did you even play the demo yet? Whats your thoughts about it? I think they totally ****ED this game up. Now I dont even have a dungeon crawler to play till Diablo 3. Well, actually I do, but I was seriously looking forward to this game. Its sad what they did to this game.
  3. I just got done playing the PC demo and WOW, you guys totally ****ed this game up. OBSIDIAN YOU TOTALLY ****ED UP THE DUNGEON SIEGE NAME NOW.
  4. Yeah, But I mean't from the actual company, so its server wide when playing online.
  5. I wasn't able to edited my old post, but I think its totally possible to make item updates by the company that is developing it for sure. It doesn't have too be like updates coming out like an MMO but some updates, like one in fall, one in spring, something like that. So many options they could do. But since this game is coming out for consoles, I can easily see this game coming out and nothing else will happen to it, and no updates either.
  6. I hope sooo, will see how far the community will last It will be even more awesome if they even came out with item updates :D. Not one dungeon crawler ever did that to keep it going. The first to do that will be alive for ever. But devs arent that smart to do something sooo old news. Diablo II did that. @Tig: Valve does that with TF2. Yeah I didnt know diablo 2 did that, besides that expansion they had. And yeah I know TF2 did that. But it would be just cool if DS did it too.
  7. I hope sooo, will see how far the community will last It will be even more awesome if they even came out with item updates :D. Not one dungeon crawler ever did that to keep it going. The first to do that will be alive for ever. But devs arent that smart to do something sooo old news.
  8. This post, now a thread on these forums, was posted at a different forum @ http://www.psu.com/forums/threads/271307-D...Dungeon+Siege+3 if you wanna know more about what excalty I was talking about, I would go there also. But my post is pretty simple to follow, so I though of making it a thread on these official forums. The main reason why I did sign up for these forums, and posted this here, is so the developers could actually read my thoughts about this game. I love the Dungeon Siege games with all my heart, its one of the games that got me into the "Dungeon Crawler" genre. So its a big deal for me that this game is good and successful. On top of that, Im more worried then ever because, the old people(devs) of the older DS games aren't making this game, but only "watching the development" but in my eyes, that doesn't mean anything. The company will still end up doing whatever they want too, I think. I just hope this game doesn't BOMB. Cause the new devs have game review scores that range from 70 to in the high 90s. Its just too much to predict how this game is gunna come out to be. With a range like that, its VERY possible this game can fail and thats something I dont want. Wow suprised to see a thread about this in the PSU forums. Anyways, I LOVE DUNGEON SIEGE. The last games have been really awesome and nice for me to buy em. This 3rd one, im worried but then Im not. I think the reason why they did just have "one character" to control besides a party of people (like the other DS games) is because of World of Warcraft, and how it set the BIG standard with the combat in RPG games. And lets be honest, if your combat isnt similar to WoW's and it bascially being balance.... whose gunna wanna play it? Right now everyone wants to have a tank, healer, dps, etc. in their groups. So I guess this change could be fine, THATS IF THEY DO IT RIGHT. And since the whole game is based on this, im sure they will. What I am worried about is, 1. this game isnt made by the same people "Gas Powered Games" did the old ones. The new company "Obsidian Entertainment" always had "MIXED" reviews with their games. I mean, I guess I look at it as a "Hit or Miss" from the past games this company made, seems to be sequals that were just made, so the main developer company of that "MAIN GAME" can program their new big hit, while this mediocre company quickly comes up with a new game for them. Going through there games.. (All percentages are from "Metacritic" a VERY well known spot for reviews.) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords :: 85% Neverwinter Nights 2 :: 82% Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer :: 82% Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir :: 72% Alpha Protocol :: 72 % Fallout: New Vegas :: 85% To be honest, what I noticed by just typing up this list is... 1. THE GAMES THIS COMPANY DEVELOPED BY THEMSELFS GOT 72% (I mean like they built this game from the ground up, this isnt the 2nd "Alpha Protocol" its the 1st one) This game got a C+ rating(I would consider 70% about C+ area) I do remember this game coming out and when it did, MANY didn't like it. Many thought it was a bad game, but some did like it. 2. The neverwinter nights 2, I actually have this game, bought it off of steam awhile back when it was on sale. I think it was during xmas sale. I dunno the game isn't for me, but i will say THIS GAME OF COURSE HAD A GOOD STORY. Well alot of reading for sure. Once again, I do remember when NWN 2 came out, and people that played the 1st one also didn't like this sequal for some reason. For a person that played em both, I thought it was similar to the 1st one but just better graphics, but then again, I barely played the 1st n 2nd. 3. Star wars KOTOR2, I dunno what to say about this release from the company either. Its actually was the same way that went with all this games, but I think this game was more liked then the two that were listed above. 4. Fallout: Vegas, I dunno once again I dont care for fallout. Alot of people did like this game though, ALOT of HARDCORE "FALLOUT" fans didnt like this game. Ouch, but they were able to live with it. This game (i know for the PC version for sure) for the PC version shipped with alot of ingame bugs, that were easy to reproduce, etc. Beyond that its cloudy for me, im guessing many of them got fixed with a patch, but besides that thats the only thing I know. Im actually following alot of this info from the Wiki page. It also stats that "Obsidian Entertainment" Was made from people from the companys "Interplay Entertainment" & "Black Isle Studios" Once again, from reading the works from these companies I see they have a big WORK in the history with RPGs. So I have a REALLY good feeling, the story in Dungeon Siege 3 could be a very strong part of the game. Since Im soo pumped for this game(Dungeon Siege 3, if your lost by now, from the brick of words I made) Lets take a look at the other past works from the other companies that combine to become "OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT!" Well it seems like, at the time(in the history) both Interplay & Black Isle Studios proably worked together, hand by hand, while making some of these games. But from their past works I can tell you they made some VERY nice games. Fallout (1997) Fallout 2 (1998) Planescape: Torment (1999) Icewind Dale (2000) Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter (2001) Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter - Trials of the Luremaster (2001) Icewind Dale II (2002) Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II (2004) The ones I underlined were the ones that were ones IVE HEARD OF since of now. They made a couple other ones but i only listed them. MY CONCLUSION & THOUGHTS: Ok, so from actually reading alot of the stuff I made for this post. It seems like Dungeon Siege 3 could possible be in good hands. There is some multi player videos out, and some showing the characters you can play within the story. The one thing I noticed in the character videos is that the company, deff. LOVES GLOWING things(spells, so far that Ive seen, I think I remember seeing some environments being like that too). I see they are trying to do big things with the online part of the game. I REALLY WANNA SAY that I think this game will come out , and do very good. I can see the story probably deff bringing in a lot of its players in the game. The company has great experience in making stories in RPGs. Main things I want in this game: TONS AND TONS AND TONS OF LOOT. Why I wrote this? Because from's "Obsidian Entertainment" history of RPGs recently, mainly of them games ARENT "LOOT/Equipment" HEAVY!!! Which does worry me. Since this is going to be a PC/PS3/X360 GAME RELEASE(not an MMO, you wont see many item adding within the game as you do with MMOS.) Because of that, I really hope they add just 1000s of items, and even a TON of Equipment sets to wear. Thats proably one of the most importment parts of a RPG game, is it's loot and how much of it, even at the MAX LEVEL. That reminds me, many RPG game releases, once you hit max level, there isn't no other equipment to get, you usually got it all. But I honestly hope that World of Warcraft, SET THAT STANDARD BIGGGG SO EVERYONE KNOWS. I mean to be honest, I just can keep going on and on, but HAVING A LOT OF ****ING LOOT MATTERS. Thats something I hope the ****ING NEW DEVELOPER WONT **** UP EITHERperiod Second, THE ONLINE ASPECT. THIS MEANS THE ****ING WORLD (Sorry about the caps, but I just remember some reasons WHY I HATED THE "SACRED 2" release on the PS3/XBOX360 (An AWESOME LOOT heavy GAME, where the ONLINE ASPECT SUCKED.) I just hope AT ****ING DAY 1 OF RELEASE, THIS ****ING GAME WILL WORK FAULTLESS ONLINE LIKE IT SHOULD. OK, im gunna stop myself from typing more, but as you can see I really have BIG emotions for the game Dungeon Siege, it honestly was the first RPG "dungeon crawler" to get me hooked to that type of genre. I remember playing the single player, hours and hours. I would never stop playing. (the 1st one im talking about) Now these days, I barely will touch a single player, unless once again its a "Dungeon crawler" genre game. Im done P.s. Thanks for reading, I love the Dungeon Siege Series and I hope this one ROCKS. Its a DAMN preorder for me for sure. Edit: I was just looking at some INGAME videos of DS3 and wanted to post some of them here... 1. This one is from PAX East 2011(From watching this video, you can see, which to me seems like an inventory in the beginning of the video, and how it seems VERY console like, also looks to be playing on a xbox 360, i know you cant see the console, but you can see the button colors at the bottom. I still have faith this game will be good :mad:)
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