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  1. Modding support for the previous two games (espcially DS1) was definitely a high point. Being able to play over 50 new maps (mini maps, siegelets, map abdons - Legends of Aranna 3.2, etc) in addition to the original GPG ones was a huge highlight for me. I intend to solely focus on Single Player in DS3 at least to begin with.
  2. I loved DS1 & 2 - still do - there is just something about them that really connect to me. I also appreciate the fact that not everyone likes the Dungeon Siege games as much as I do. We all have our quirks and acquired tastes. I have been keenly looking forward to the third installment for the longest of times - even before it was confirmed that there would be a third. After playing the demo on PC & on Xbox - I have to congratulate Obsidian on a truly splendid & highly accomplished game - you guys have hit a home run as far as I am concerned. Thank you for providing an installm
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