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  1. as to the comment regarding "mods causing this issue" i have not used mods on my kotor game, besides i just installed it again after a few years so there was no folder till i did the install. **EDIT** oops i intended for this to be a edit to the above post x.x and cant seem to delete it.
  2. ive had this pc for over 10 years now.(same pc for when i first got this game, nothing has changed since i first got the game and the game used to run perfectly with no errors at all. this just started after i tried to run the game after a long time. **EDIT** ok so i tried all your options you posted and still bug the same issues.... hmm .... (additional info about the pc): O:Win/XP[Home Edition] type: dell(Dimention 4700) Vcard:ATI Radeon X300
  3. Ok so its been a wile since i last played kotor2 in fact its been a few years but the cd's are in the same condition as when i bought them so i said..... why not play it again since it was by far one of my favorite rpg's so i go install the game no issues thus far, then i get to the main menu. the main menu looked rather wierd but i haven't played the game in a wile so i wasn't sure if it was just like that or if there was a issue. (the title screen i'm talking about) so i just continued on and clicked new game..... then this happened... confused and worried i reinstalled it thinking it was a problem with installation. it was not that... so i then tried to just continue on past then game and maybe its just that part of the game that's bugging up..... boy was i wrong.... the entire game was like this.... i couldn't see anything at all and when i sought help from guides/forums ext... trying to find any clue as to why this happened and a possible solution my search came up empty. so finally i came here. to see if any one can enlighten me to the cause of this problem and a solution. ~Dilloc long time fan of the kotor game series.
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